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Segway inventor dean kamen

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Inventor Dean Kamen has forged a career based on two separate but equally important goals: to improve the lives of others through technology and innovation and to promote opportunities in science, engineering, and invention to young people through education. Creator of such breakthrough products as the portable peritoneal dialysis machine, the stair-climbing Independence IBOT Mobility System, and the Segway Human TransporterKamen continues to break ground in fields as diverse as medicine, transportation, environmental science, and robotics.

He began working on a problem with drug delivery, specifically, how to enable controlled drug delivery over long periods of time. The result of his effort was a pocket-sized, wearable, programmable infusion pump that delivered small, accurate doses of medicine, such as insulin.

The device allowed patients who were accustomed to being confined to become mobile and live normal lives. In particular, it allowed diabetic women to deliver babies without great risk. The medical community quickly adopted the infusion pumps for use with a variety of medical conditions. Kamen founded his own firm, AutoSyringe, Inc.

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He sold the firm to Baxter International Corp. Regulating flow by controlled air pressure rather than by counting drops in a drip chamber, it uses minimal moving parts. The result is a device that is virtually flawless, but also portable, disposable, and affordable. FIRST - Science is Rock and Roll - Part 1/6

In fact, diabetics can now dialyze at home while they sleep. Revealed inthe IBOT is a battery-powered wheelchair built from sensors, microprocessors, and gyroscopes that allows users to climb stairs and negotiate sand, rocks, and curbs.

The device can stand upright on two wheels, empowering handicapped people to see and move at eye-level. The Segway is an electric powered personal transportation machine that moves by shifts in one's body weight. Kamen and his team believe the Segway HT, which now comes in a variety of models, has the potential to improve urban environments by providing an alternative mode of transport for short distance travel, which could help reduce pollution and congestion.

Along with his inventing and business endeavors, Kamen is committed to education for young people. Inhe founded Science Enrichment Encounters "SEE"an interactive learning center in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is now visited by over 40, children per year. Inhe established FIRST "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology"which serves to inspire and motivate young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology, and engineering.

The organization conducts an annual national robotics competition that has become somewhat legendary. He holds some U. Kamen has embarked on yet another type of mission in recent years with his work to develop a new water treatment system for underdeveloped nations.

His energy-efficient system can turn contaminated water into clean water via a distilling process. Kamen maintains that his system has the potential to help solve serious health problems caused by waterborne pathogens around the world.

Don't miss our next newsletter! Cricket Media Articles. Invention Activities. For Educators InvenTeam Grants. For Inventors Inventor Handbook. Collegiate Invention Competitions. Other Team Access Login. Play Inventor Solitaire.Dean Kamen born April 5, is an American engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who is best known for his invention of the Segway PTa self-balancing personal transporter scooter.

He is also noted as a founder of the non-profit FIRST organization for advancing science and technology-dedicated education.

His father worked as a graphic artist for Weird Science, Mad, and other comic books, and his mother was a teacher. By his own account, he was a lackluster student, preferring to educate himself on advanced science and engineering topics outside of school.

According to Kamen, he had created his first invention by age six : a pulley system that enabled him to make his bed without running from side-to-side. While still in high school, he was asked to automate the annual New Year's Eve ball drop at Times Square.

He designed sound and laser-light displays local rock bands and the Museum of the City of New York. After completing high school, Kamen headed to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to study engineering. As a sophomore at WPI, Kamen invented a pocket-sized, wearable medical device that delivered precisely measured doses of medications, such as insulinover extended periods of time. InKamen dropped out of college to found his first company, AutoSyringe, to produce and market his insulin pump.

By age 30, Dean Kamen had become a multimillionaire. After founding DEKA, Kamen invented a groundbreaking portable and affordable kidney dialysis machine that allows diabetics to dialyze at home while they sleep. Built from sensors, microprocessors, and gyroscopes that would later be incorporated into his Segway, the iBOT allows its users to climb stairs without assistance and travel safely over uneven surfaces, including sand, gravel, and water up to 3" deep.

With its ability to stand upright on two wheels, the iBOT empowers persons with handicaps to move about at eye-level. Commercial production of the iBOT was temporarily halted in due to high production costs. However, inthe U. Food and Drug Administration lowered its costly federal regulatory controls over personal mobility medical devices, allowing Kamen and DEKA to revive the project. On December 3,after months of media-hype and public speculation, Kamen appeared live on the ABC News morning television program Good Morning America to unveil his best-known invention—a battery-powered, two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter he called the Segway.

Capable speeds up to When the Segway hit the market in earlyKamen predicted future sales of 10, units a week—half a million a year. However, by lateonly 30, Segway scooters had been sold.

Biography of Dean Kamen, American Engineer and Inventor

InPresident George W. Bush was filmed falling off one and inSegway corporation owner James W. Heselden died after accidentally steering his scooter off a foot cliff, landing in a river. While it never dominated the general consumer market as Kamen had predicted, the Segway has found success in commercial fleet applications. Police officers, mall security guards, warehouses workers, tour guides, and airport maintenance staff are now commonly seen riding Segway scooters.

Using a Stirling engine specially modified by Kamen to drive a process called vapor compression distillation, a single compact refrigerator-sized Slingshot can purify more than 66, gallonsliters of water per year—enough to meet the daily needs of about people.

During a test in the summer oftwo Slingshot devices successfully produced clean water in a Honduran village for over a month. Kamen took on the project after the U. Kamen has called FIRST the invention he is most proud of, predicting that the millions of students who take part in its competitions will go on to contribute to world-changing technological advances in years to come.

segway inventor dean kamen

Morgan Global Humanitarian Award. Though he never formally completed college, Kamen has been awarded honorary degrees, beginning in with an honorary doctor of engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPIthe college where he was inspired to develop the AutoSyringe. Goddard Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement. Share Flipboard Email. Robert Longley. History and Government Expert. Robert Longley is a U.

He has written for ThoughtCo since Facebook Facebook.Dean Lawrence Kamen born April 5, is an American engineer, inventor, and businessman. During his teenage years, Kamen was already being paid for his ideas; local bands and museums paid him to build light and sound systems. He attended Worcester Polytechnic Institutebut in [7] dropped out before graduating, after five years of private advanced research for the insulin pump AutoSyringe.

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Kamen is best known for inventing the product that eventually became known as the Segway PTan electric, self-balancing human transporter with a computer-controlled gyroscopic stabilization and control system. The device is balanced on two parallel wheels and is controlled by moving body weight. The machine's development was the object of much speculation and hype after segments of a book quoting Steve Jobs and other notable IT visionaries espousing its society-revolutionizing potential were leaked in December Kamen was already a successful inventor: his company Auto Syringe manufactures and markets the first drug infusion pump.

Kamen has worked extensively on a project involving Stirling engine designs, attempting to create two machines: one that would generate power, and the Slingshot [12] that would serve as a water purification system. Inthe film SlingShot was released, detailing Kamen's quest to use his vapor compression distiller to fix the world's water crisis.

Kamen is also the co-inventor of a compressed air device that would launch a human into the air in order to quickly launch SWAT teams or other emergency workers to the roofs of tall, inaccessible buildings. Kamen says that FIRST is the invention he is most proud of, and predicts that the 1 million students who have taken part in the contests so far will be responsible for some significant technological advances in years to come. BioFabUSA's mission is to " In earlyARMI was awarded a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to establish the first Foundry for American Biotechnology, [29] known as NextFab [30] "to produce technological solutions that help the United States protect against and respond to health security threats, enhance daily medical care, and add to the U.

During his career Kamen has won numerous awards. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in for his biomedical devices and for making engineering more popular among high school students. In he was awarded the 5th Annual Heinz Award in Technology, the Economy and Employment, [31] and in received the National Medal of Technology from then President Clinton for inventions that have advanced medical care worldwide. In his "Project Slingshot", an inexpensive portable water purification system, was named a runner-up for "coolest invention of " by Time magazine.

Kamen received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in[36] Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute May 17,[ citation needed ] a Doctor of Engineering degree from Kettering University in[ citation needed ] an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Clarkson University on May 13,[ citation needed ] an honorary "Doctor of Science" degree from the University of Arizona on May 16,[ citation needed ] and an honorary doctorate from the Wentworth Institute of Technology when he spoke at the college's centennial celebration in[ citation needed ] and other honorary doctorates from North Carolina State University in[ citation needed ] Bates College in[37] the Georgia Institute of Technology in[38] the Illinois Institute of Technology in [ citation needed ] and Plymouth State University in May Morgan Global Humanitarian Award.

Kamen received the Public Service Award from the National Science Boardhonoring his exemplary public service and contributions to the public's understanding of science and engineering. Inhis residence was a hexagonalshed style mansion he dubbed Westwind, [14] located in Bedford, New Hampshirejust outside Manchester. The house has at least four different levels and is very eclectically conceived, with such things as: hallways resembling mine shafts ; s novelty furniture; a collection of vintage wheelchairs; spiral staircases ; at least one secret passage ; an observation tower; a fully equipped machine shop; and a huge cast iron steam engine which once belonged to Henry Ford built into the multi-story center atrium of the house which Kamen is working to convert into a Stirling engine -powered kinetic sculpture.A cargo plane delivering some 91, pounds of personal protective gear touched down in New Hampshire, Sunday, in what officials hailed as a major step in the state's battle against the novel coronavirus.

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Chris Sununu and Sen. Wheels up to MHT. We scoured the earth and left no stone unturned. The state would not charge those getting the supplies, the governor said.

As of Sunday, the state had reported cases of COVID, the disease caused by the coronavirus, including 23 fatal cases.

segway inventor dean kamen

Kamen said he paid for the equipment because the state could not "pre-buy" it without inspecting it first. Added Shaheen: "This plane is delivering lifesaving personal protective equipment which will be immediately distributed to the brave Granite Staters who are on the frontlines of this crisis.

Our State has not been receiving the PPE it needs and is running dangerously low on supplies. Skip to content. In-depth news coverage of the Greater Boston Area. New Hampshire. Click here to sign up for our coronavirus newsletter.

More Coronavirus News. Massachusetts Apr 12, Boris Johnson Apr 12, New Hampshire businessman and inventor Dean Kamen describes how he helped secure more than 4. This article tagged under: New Hampshire coronavirus in new england Chris Sununu jeanne shaheen coronavirus in new hampshire.

Back to Article. Close Menu. Search for:. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram.Inwhile still an undergraduate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, Kamen invented a portable infusion pump, for which he was awarded the first of more than patents he later held in the United States and other countries.

Inhaving dropped out of college, he founded AutoSyringe, Inc.

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One such product was a kg pound portable kidney dialysis machine. In Kamen introduced the IBOT, a device similar to a wheelchair that could climb stairs and stand upright on two wheels. Kamen claimed that the Segway, with its built-in gyroscopescomputer chips, and tilt sensors, would make getting around cities so easy that automobiles would become unnecessary.

By specific models had been developed for marketing to law enforcement agencies and golf courses. Three years later Kamen sold the company that made the Segway PT. While expectations were high for the inventionit never achieved widespread popularity, and in production of the Segway ended.

In Kamen introduced prototypes for an electric generator that could run on cow dung and a water purifier that could process raw sewage. Intended for use in developing countries without centralized sources of power and water, the devices were successfully field-tested in Bangladesh in Kamen was awarded a National Medal of Technology by U.

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Dean Kamen

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segway inventor dean kamen

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segway inventor dean kamen

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